Poached Duck Eggs

I love cooking and eating poached eggs.  With a little practice, I learned how to keep the yolk just the way I liked it.  Poaching is a way to cook eggs using a relatively lower temperature compared to most baking, frying, or scrambling.  Sometimes I wonder if the lower temperature has the advantage of preventing nutrients from being damaged by heat.  Unfortunately, since I don't like using nonstick pots or pans, the clean up takes a little effort, but it's not too bad if you do it promptly.  Duck eggs are interesting in that they have a higher yolk to white ratio compared to chicken eggs, so they are commonly thought to be more nutritionally dense.  These eggs came from a small, local, family farm where their ducks are free to roam pasture for their food which is evidenced by their darker, orange yolks.  If you are interested in finding duck eggs, you might want to check out EatWild.com for more information.